Oldaport Farm Cottages

10th August 2018
Went to visit Rosemoor RHS Garden few weeks ago for few hours walking around the garden and enjoying the selection of flowers. There were so many bees of all types enjoying the nectar from the flowers, so lovely to watch them.
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9th August 2018
Went to Okehampton show today with some of our sheep. One of our ewe lambs in particular did very well coming first in a strong class out of 12 ewe lambs. Force, our stock ram also did well coming third. There was good number of exhibitors and very nice Lleyns showed. A good day outing.
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Ewe Lamb Class - I quickly took photo while the Judge was at the far end. We entered two ewe lambs who are 3rd & 4th in this photo at the time.

Our Ewe Lamb who came first in her class. This was taken when we got back home, and she was standing very pleased with her achievements!

5th August 2018

Today we hosted the West Country Lleyn Sheep Breeders Club’s AGM then in the afternoon we held an Open afternoon. About 60 people attended for a friendly day out viewing our flock. Maisy did me proud in herding the sheep for the visitors to view. Well done Maisy!
Thank you to Chris & Karen for taking some of the photographs.
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David giving a talk about the history of the farm and our flock.

Visitors viewing our ewes

Members guessing the weight of the lambs

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Lambs used for “Guess the total weight” competition.

Maisy & I moving the Shearlings towards the Visitors.

Maisy herding the Shearlings to the visitors…

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29th July 2018

Our farm barn was transformed beautifully over last week for yesterday’s wedding. Congratulations to Rebekah and Sam on their wedding. Rebekah, your vision of the barn certainly changed what was an ordinary farm barn into a stunning venue for your wedding. I would have never thought of using the water troughs into a holder for a lovely display of dried flowers! Here’s a selection of photographs taken….


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28th July 2018
Had a enjoyable day at Mid-Devon Show judging the Lleyn Sheep Classes. Thank you to Gillian for taking the photos.
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12th July 2018
A big thank you to Andrew for putting up new panel fencing in the courtyard - it looks so much better - the old one was breaking up so am pleased it has been replaced!
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8th July 2018
Had a lovely early morning walk with friends at Wonwell Beach today. Water is so clear and warm. I plan to have a swim this evening!…….
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Here’s Maisy saying to Quinn “come in, the water is lovely!”

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29th June 2018
Our hay has been baled today - Maisy certainly has been very busy rolling up the hay!
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24th June 2018
We have been enjoying the sunny weather and lovely sunsets. Here’s some photographs taken this evening….
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5th June 2018
The Foxgloves have been giving wonderful display around the farm and the bees have been enjoying their nectar…..
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2nd June 2018
Our sheep are very happy to have their coats shorn and are now feeling more comfortable without their wool in view of the current hot weather! Here’s Terry shearing one of our ewes…

Sadly we don’t get any profit from the sale of the wool as the sale of the wool only cover the cost of the shearer and transporting the wool to cornwall.
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1st June 2018
Maisy has been busy bringing the mums and lambs in ready for mums to be shorn early tomorrow morning….
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28th May 2018

Our lambs are looking smart with their mums - I love the photograph on the right, they look very relaxed in the shade with the May tree blossoming behind them.
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24th May 2018

Midnight has been taking her chicks outside and is proving to be a excellent mum looking after her babies. Can you spot Maisy in one of the photographs?!
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19th May 2018
We have chicks! Midnight finally hatched out her six chicks and is a very proud mother!

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23rd April 2018
Went to visit NT Knightshayes at Tiverton. What a beautiful house and stunning grounds - well worth a visit.

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23rd April 2018
Took a trip to RHS Rosemoor and had a lovely few hours wandering around the garden - will have to return in the summer.
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