Oldaport Farm Cottages

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31st March 2013
Happy Easter to all our visitors, friends and family - We have put most of mums and lambs outside and they are enjoying being outside. Wild primrose are now out flowering

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20th March 2013

Thank you to Steve, Barbs and Kara for sending these charming photographs when they came to see the lambs -

Here's Kara meeting and getting to know one of our hand reared lambs.

They were also able to witness one of our ewes lambing - she need a helping hand with her first lamb - The left photograph show David holding the ewe down while Cathy delivered the lamb. The next photograph shows Cathy bringing the second born lamb to the new mum to clean and look after.
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7th March 2013
Lambing is still going well - we have been kept busy with lots of triplets this year - to date we have had 11 set of triplets, two set of quads and one set of quins (sadly one of the quins was stillborn) we have 12 ewes left to lamb
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February 2013
Lambing started five days early with arrival of twins - since then we have been kept busy with lots of lambs!
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From left to right: Lambing barn. Just born - nice size twins being cleaned by proud mother. Lovely set of triplets who was 1 day old when this photograph was taken
January 2013
Unlike many parts of UK - we only had one day of snow! This photograph of expectant mums was taken early morning
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