Oldaport Farm Cottages

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A small stud of quality miniature ponies, all well handled and with good temperament

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Our ponies are of various colours black, chestnut, roan, bay, piebald and blue roan & white. Heights vary between 26 and 34 inches.
We can usually be seen at the Reading Autumn sale. Our stock has been exported to France, Holland and Belgium.

Foals shown from left to right:
Oldaport Fairy - Sire:Kerswell Baron Dam:Lythwood Kissy and
Oldaport Fred - Sire: Stranduff Diamen Dam: Oldaport Xenia


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STANDRUFF DAMIEN Studbook number S00-028 AF0969

A Blue and white Stallion, 34 inches high. His sire: Stranduff Stormchief,
His Dam: Stranduff Dainty
Damien was the result of an impulse buy at the 1996 Reading sale when he was a foal. He is a sturdy fellow with great potential and he has thrown some lovely offspring. A real gentleman with his mares. His produce has done well at Reading shows

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Stud Book number 3681

A black stallion, 30.5 inches high.
Baron was our founder Stallion for some years, his offspring are small neat ponies with good friendly natures, like their father. We purchased Baron in 1992 from the Kerswell Stud, his father was Kerswell Nijinsky, his grandfather Ron of North Wells and his mother Bonita of Hools. Sadly Baron passed away early 2010 - he will be sorely missed
Baron's son Oldaport Willow was exported to France.
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Oldaport Willow - who was exported to France as stallion. Sire Kerswell Baron
Oldaport Fred - passed as Stallion in 2010. He is now available for sale - Sire Stranduff Diamen - Dam Oldaport Xenia - A lovely stallion with strong pressure
Here's a selection of some of our foals:-
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Oldaport Tansy (AG1427/M00-357) Born 22/4/2097 height: 30.5” -
Sire: Kerswell Baron ( 003681) (30.5") Black
Dam: South Sands Emily (014865) - Chesnut

One of our best mare - she has thrown lovely foals who have proved to do well when shown - her daughter Oldaport Holly came second at Reading 2010 Autumn show sale. Some of her foals have been exported to Holland. We have a lovely filly foal this year (2010). Her foals colouring range from chestnut, bay, blue roan & white to piebald

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Oldaport Kit-Kat born 2010 - sold at Reading Autumn Sale - he came third at the Reading show. Sire Stranduff Damien and his dam is Oldaport Xenia
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Oldaport Holly - sold at Reading 2010. She came second at her first show at Reading Autumn show sale.
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Oldaport Kissyme - her dam is Oldaport Tansy - sire Stranduff Damien. Born 2010 - she is a lovely filly with a great potential. Available for sale